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From instruction leaflets to product descriptions to user manuals, Sprachlabor specialises in the translation of technical documents. Our highly qualified translators are experts in their fields capable of rendering all your specialist documents flawlessly in the target language.

In an increasingly globalised world, technical translation is more important than ever. And it’s just as important that information is transmitted as thoroughly and as accurately as possible. When translating instruction manuals for instance, there are numerous technical details which must be conveyed absolutely perfectly in the target language so as not to create misunderstanding for the user. This is why we place such great emphasis on accuracy when translating your technical texts. We keep a studious eye on consistent use of specialist terminology and are always researching the most up-to-date and common usages of technical expressions.

Even when a deadline is edging ever closer, you can count on us. With our flexible working hours, we are available for you 24/7. So whether you need to commission a new project or make changes at short notice, you can always reach us.

When it comes to technical translation projects, Sprachlabor work exclusively with qualified translators with proven knowledge of the field – no exceptions. Our network of specialist translators are ready and waiting to take on your technical translations from a wide variety of field, including instruction manuals, product specs and handbooks. Professional companies trust in Sprachlabor’s expertise!


We have delivered professional technical translations in the following fields:

  • Construction engineering
  • Solar technology
  • Automative technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronics
  • Packaging technology
  • Automation technology
  • Test engineering
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Robotics
  • Medicine
  • Logistics


In order to ensure consistent and uniform translation of technical and company-specific terminology in our technical translations, we create a comprehensive database of terminology for all our clients.

Not only does this guarantee consistency in our technical translations, but also greater value for money. The translator is able to refer to translations stored in a single, comprehensive database rather than having to research specialist vocabulary anew each time.

As a general rule, the more comprehensive the database and the more frequent the repetition of specialist vocabulary, the better the value for the client!

If a terminology database or glossary already exists for your company or field, please feel free to forward them on to us. If not, we will endeavour to compile one for you, true to your unique corporate wording. Please provide us with any old translations and their original source texts. Consistence is key, so the more existing material we have to go on, the better!


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