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Translations for the information technology industry

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From social media guidelines to website relaunch specifications to server concepts – Sprachlabor is expert in the translation of specialist texts from the IT industry. Our translators possess the expert knowledge and linguistic capability to render your text flawlessly in your desired target language.

We keep a studious eye on consistent use of specialist terminology and are always researching the most up-to-date and common usages of technical expressions.

Even when a deadline is edging ever closer, you can count on us. Thanks to digitalisation, we are available for you 24/7. So whether you need to commission a new project or make changes at short notice, you can always reach us.


We have delivered professional IT translations in the following areas:

  • Internet
  • Web 2.0
  • Web technology
  • Software
  • Multimedia
  • Online marketing
  • Social media
  • Hardware


The consistent use of specialist vocabulary is particularly important in IT translation, so we compile a comprehensive database of key terminology for all our clients.

Not only does this guarantee consistency in our technical translations, but also greater value for money. The translator is able to refer to translations stored in a single, comprehensive database rather than having to research specialist vocabulary anew each time.

If a terminology database or glossary already exists for your company or field, please feel free to forward them on to us. If not, we will endeavour to compile one for you, true to your unique corporate wording. Please provide us with any old translations and their original source texts. Consistence is key, so the more existing material we have to go on, the better!


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