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Specialist translation

Technical translation

In an increasingly globalised world, technical translation is more important than ever. And it’s just as important that information is transmitted as thoroughly and as accurately as possible.

For this reason, we place our greatest emphasis on accuracy when translating your technical texts. We have a keen eye for compliance and consistency when it comes to technical terminology and are constantly researching correct usages.

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Legal translation

“In dubio pro Sprachlabor”!

Our network of legal translators are able to translate your documents with the utmost accuracy into the target language.

We understand that accuracy is paramount when it comes to legal translation. After all, unprecise or poorly formulated clauses can often make all the difference in the legal interpretation of contracts.

Our specialists have years of experience in legal translation and apply their unrivalled knowledge of legal systems and terminology to your documents.

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Financial translation

From All Time High to US-GAAP, Sprachlabor is a confident operator when it comes to financial translation and has built up a formidable network of qualified translations over the years.

Our translators are familiar with financial terminology and the dynamic nature of financial markets. So regardless of whether the market is bullish or bearish, you can be sure that your financial translation will be a success.

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Book translation

We love books!

We understand that literary translations tend to require a little more creativity than the more precise rendering of specialist texts.

Literary translators must be able to think outside the box and convey the nuances of the language and culture, whilst also remaining true to the unique style of the author.

The commissioning of an inappropriate or underqualified translator can quickly turn a real page-turner into third class literature – where they don’t live happily ever after.

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Quality and consistency guaranteed.

Terminology database

We create a database of your company vocabulary to ensure that key terminology is always translated consistently and uniformly.

An expert team

Wherever possible, we commission the same experts or specialist teams to translate all your documents in order to guarantee consistency.

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