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Do you have documents that need translating into Russian? Or do you have Russian documents which require translation? You’ve found the perfect partner in Sprachlabor.

Our network of translators features specialists in German-Russian and Russian-German translation, bringing with them a wealth of experience in the industry. It goes without saying that we only commission native speakers for your translations, who translate into their own mother tongue!

As well as a native mastery of Russian or German, other pre-requisites for high quality translation include an in-depth knowledge of the field in question, a sensitivity for the material to be translated and a familiarity with pertinent terminology.

Sprachlabor only commission translators with the necessary qualifications and skills, and who have proven success in your specialist field.

About the language

Together with Ukrainian and Belorussian, Russian belongs to the eastern Slavic language group. Russian is by far the most widely spoken and influential of the Slavic languages, with over 163 million native speakers and 114 million with Russian as a second language making a truly global language. The official language of Russia and Belarus, Russian also enjoys official status in Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan and Ukraine.

Russian speaking minorities can be found in all former Soviet republics as well as in countries with a high proportion of migrants from the former USSR. Did you know that Russian is the second most commonly spoken language in Germany? The country is home to around 3 million Russian speakers, which is even more than Turkish with 2 million.

The ISO 639-1 code for Russian is “ru”.


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