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Need a competent, reliable translation from English into German? Or German into English? Need it quickly? Not to worry – you’re in safe hands with Sprachlabor.

Our translators are specialists in German-English and English-German language combinations and bring with them a wealth of experience in the translation industry. It goes without saying that we only commission native speakers for your translations. Particularly in the case of English, we are also careful to take regional and international variation into account (e.g. British or American English), depending on the country in which your translation is to be used.

As well as a native mastery of English/German, other pre-requisites for high quality translation include an in-depth knowledge of the field in question, a sensitivity for the material to be translated and a familiarity with pertinent terminology.

Sprachlabor only commission translators with the necessary qualifications and skills, and who have proven success in your specialist field.

About the language

Along with German and Dutch, English is a western Germanic language belonging to the Indo-Germanic language family. As a result of British colonialism and American cultural and economic dominance, English is spoken all over the world by approximately 340 million native speakers and by at least 170 million people as a second language. Numerous international organisations such as the European Union and the African Union employ English as an official language. The spread of English throughout the world has given rise to over twenty different variants of the language of which the most well-known are British, American and Australian English. However, more “exotic” variants also exist, such as Hong-Kong, Philippine and Jamaican English.

English often has an influence on other languages via the use of global anglicisms. The dominance of English is most clearly seen in science and technology where English terminology is used in the absence of any appropriate equivalent in other languages.

The ISO 639-1 code for English is “en”.


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