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Are you in urgent need of a translation into or from Dutch or German? You can trust Sprachlabor!

Our translators are specialists in German-Dutch and Dutch-German language combinations and bring with them a wealth of experience in the translation industry. It goes without saying that we only commission native speakers for your translations. In our Dutch translations, we are also careful to take regional and international variation into account (e.g. standard Dutch or Flemish), depending on the country in which your translation is to be used.

As well as a native mastery of Dutch/German, other pre-requisites for high quality translation include an in-depth knowledge of the field in question, a sensitivity for the material to be translated and a familiarity with pertinent terminology.

Sprachlabor only commission translators with the necessary qualifications and skills, and who have proven success in your specialist field.

About the language

Dutch belongs to the western Germanic languages of the Indo-Germanic language family. Closely related to German, it also shares many characteristics with English. Dutch is spoken by around 25m million people worldwide, the majority of whom come from the Netherlands (16 million) and Belgium (6 million). But it is also an official language in Surinam, Aruba and the Dutch Antilles. “Afrikaans”, an independent language spoken in South Africa and parts of Namibia, also developed from Dutch.

Did you know? Just as the Netherlands are often incorrectly referred to as “Holland”, the Dutch language is also frequently referred to as “Flemish”. In fact, the name Holland only refers to the Dutch provinces of North and South Holland (which have their own dialects), whilst Flemish refers to the Dutch dialect spoken in Flanders in Belgium.

The ISO 639-1 code for Dutch is “nl”.


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