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We offer translations in the following language combination:

German ↔ English
German ↔ French
German ↔ Dutch
German ↔ Russian

Alternative language combinations are of course available upon request!

Network of translators

At Sprachlabor, we have a wide network of translators at our disposal, enabling us to translate all your documents swiftly and reliably into the target language.

Native speaker guarantee

All our translators live and work in the country in which the target language for your translation is spoken. As native speakers, our translators don’t just have a natural command of the language, they are also familiar with the cultural peculiarities and characteristics of the country.

Translation is our passion

Our translators love their jobs and are experts in their fields, guaranteeing you translations of the highest quality.

German > Russian > German

Together with Ukrainian and Belorussian, Russian belongs to the eastern Slavic language group. Russian is by far the most widely spoken and influential of the Slavic languages, with over 163 million native speakers and 114 million with Russian as a second language making… More

German > French > German

French belongs to the romance group of the italic branch of the Indo-Germanic language family, making it closely related to Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Romanian and Romansch. With approximately 200 million speakers worldwide, French is a recognised global language and, after English, … More

German > Dutch > German

Dutch belongs to the western Germanic languages of the Indo-Germanic language family. Closely related to German, it also shares many characteristics with English. Dutch is spoken by around 25m million people worldwide, the majority of whom come from the Netherlands (16 million) and … More

German > English > German

Along with German and Dutch, English is a western Germanic language belonging to the Indo-Germanic language family. As a result of British colonialism and American cultural and economic dominance, English is spoken all over the world by approximately 340 million native speakers and … More