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Do you need a book, essay or magazine translating? Then welcome to Sprachlabor! We love literature and we know the perfect translator for your work!

We understand that literary translations tend to require a little more creativity than the more precise rendering of specialist texts. Literary translators must be able to think outside the box and convey the nuances of the language and culture, whilst also remaining true to the unique style of the author.

Accurate translation of metaphor, alliteration and idiom from the source language to the target language are vital for successful literary translations. Ultimately, the aim of the literary translator is to convey an entire work in a different linguistic context without distorting the content of the piece. The commissioning of an inappropriate or underqualified translator can quickly turn a real page-turner into third class literature – where they don’t live happily ever after.

When it comes to literary translation, the qualifications of a translator are of paramount importance. This is where Sprachlabor comes in. When selecting translators for projects, we insist on the highest of standards in order to guarantee a flawless translation of your text into the target language. As always, we assign projects exclusively to native speakers with many years of experience who are able to translate your source text into their own mother tongue. Thanks to our comprehensive network of qualified translators built up over the years, your project is safe in the hands of professionals.

Time manangement

Just as important as the quality of a translation is the timescale. Book translations can often consist of several hundred pages of text and projects can stretch over many weeks and months. It is therefore important not only to commission a qualified translator, but also a translator who is available and able to dedicate the necessary amount of time to your text. Sprachlabor takes care of your project’s time management for you. We understand the importance of deadlines and guarantee that your literary translation arrives back in the right hands punctually and reliably!


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