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Price calculation

Price calculation

The price of a translation depends on the following factors:

  • Word count
  • Degree of difficulty
  • Timescale
  • Extra services (accreditation, desktop publishing, etc.)

We commission native speakers to translate all your documents – including translators with the necessary qualifications and expertise, depending on the type of text, e.g. literary or technical translations.

We are happy to discuss a single price for particularly large commissions such as books, instruction manuals or contracts.


Timescale is an important aspect when calculating a quote. As a general rule, we expect to translate approximately 2,000 words of a general text per working day. A translation of a 10,000 word document will therefore take approximately five working days.

It can sometimes be the case, particularly with larger translation projects, that one single translator cannot guarantee the necessary time to complete the project themselves. In this case, the project will be divided up between several translators. It goes without saying that the different parts are then proof-read by a panel of translators to ensure continuity and consistency – even when multiple different translators have been involved in the project.

Express translations demand greater attention and are subject to an additional charge.

Clients who provide us with a glossary of company terminology benefit from a reduced rate since we have to spend less time checking vocabulary and terminology for consistency and uniformity. This is also the case for projects where we already possess an appropriate database and in cases where we have already produced a terminology database for you.


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